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brenk sinatra c Daniel Shaked

Vienna based music producer Brenk Sinatra has been one of the most prolific beat makers in Europe for over a decade now. Numerous artists from all over the globe already showed their A-Game over his unique trademark beats. His instrumental albums are considered classics and got international media coverage.

Now Brenk Sinatra’s long-aspired Hi-Hat Hustle project is finally going online: a drum and sample pack shop which for the first time puts the focus mainly on European top producers.

‘I am happy to present Hi-Hat Hustle as the first professional platform for exclusive drum kits and sample packs in Europe. For the very first time, your producer heroes open up their vaults to bring all their exclusive sounds into your studio. We are focusing on top producers and the vast variety of their trademark sounds, which can now become part of your own library. Our drum packs will be made up of two categories: so-called ‘Classic Album Drum Kits’ which will contain drum sounds of various instrumental classics as well as brand new exclusive drum kits and sample packs from your favorite producers. Our range will be growing continuously with high quality products that will make your producer heart skip a beat.’