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Are the drum kits I’ve bought royalty free?

All of our drum kits are royalty free and and can be used for non- or commercial usage. If you want more Information about it, please visit our Terms page.

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Are the sample packs I’ve bought royalty free?

No, the sample packs are copyrighted works (referred to as samples in the following section) of the respective authors.

Customer may use them in the respective musical or media works of customer. However, the publication, further distribution, performance or other exploitation of musical or media works containing these copyright-protected recordings requires a rights clearance. HI-HAT HUSTLE is entitled to grant its customers the necessary editing rights to the copyrighted works of the respective CREATORS. This is done by confirmation of these general terms and conditions by the customer, payment by the customer and the provision of the works for download. (see §5 of these general terms and conditions), as well as a copyright participation of CREATOR in the works created by the customer from the works of CREATOR.

The exact shares of the respective copyright participations to be granted to the respective CREATOR can be found by clicking on: https://www.hihathustle.com/royalty-share-agreements/

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How can I find out about new releases?

Through our newsletter and the social networks facebook and instagram.

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Can I download my invoices again?

You can download your invoices at any time in the customer area at https://www.hihathustle.com/my-account/orders/.

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Where can I download my pre-ordered kits?

You can find your pre-ordered products on the day of publication here: https://www.hihathustle.com/my-account/downloads/

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How often can I download a drum kit or sample pack?

The download is limited to 5 times and the link will expire 6 months after purchase.

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Do I have a right of revocation on drum kits or sample packs?

The technical functionality of our website does not allow a return after purchase, the customer waives the right of withdrawal by clicking on “Order and Pay”. For more Information Check out your Right of Revocation.

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How can I delete my private data?

If you want to delete your private data or want to exit our newsletter please send a message to support@hihathustle.com.

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