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SP-1200 Survival Kit Vol.1 [The Drum Kits]


Hi-Hat Hustle Proudly Presents:


SP-1200 Survival Kit Vol. 1 curated by Saiko

There are countless stories about this grey box from the late 80’s, but one thing is for sure – E-Mu’s SP-1200 is the most iconic percussion sampler ever made. You can hear the SP-1200 on almost every legendary Hip-Hop record and beyond from the 90’s. Its grimey and gritty sound has defined the sound of a whole era and is unmatched to this day. As decades passed by since its original release, the SP became almost unaffordable and very hard to get. If you can’t spend 5k and upwards right away but still want that grimey, original drum sound, this pack is for you. The vast variety of drum sounds in this pack were sampled on an original SP-1200 and straight recorded on tape. Curated by the legendary Austrian producer Saiko, this exclusive drum kit is all you need for a dirty ass beat!

  • 154 mono files / 154 stereo files
  • 51 Kicks
  • 50 Snares
  • 53 Hi-Hats


Be sure to add this gem of a drum pack to your collection!

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